In addition, the AccuFit Stock comes with a set of five comb inserts that allow the shooter to custom fit the drop and height of the scope above the bore, as the drop at the comb can be adjusted from 0.30 inch to 1.10 … Date Added: 05/17/2017, I bought this for my .308 ar10 and it eleminated the recoil enough to where I could rapid fire it and it would feel the same as a .223 $25.95. Date Added: 01/13/2017, Hay guys just fired some full house slug rounds with the Witt's shotgun clamp on and it did make a awesome difference, fit and finish both excellent, just ordered another one for my h&r 12ga. Date Added: 09/07/2016, Ordered the Clamp On brake for my Rem 700 SF Varmint in .308 with the stainless fluted bull barrel, it installed perfectly. Date Added: 07/16/2015, I needed a muzzle brake on DPMS 308 24" Bull Barrel to reduce recoil. I am very pleased with the muzzlebrake. Maybe just buy a barrel that's already threaded? It also shrunk my groups to 3/4". You guys did a beautiful job on this product. I now can put EVERY ROUND in a 2.5in target @100 yards. I shot a .243 with my daughter for comparison and there is not much more kick now with my 7mm. I misunderstood the directions for measurement, making the smallest point of the muzzle the largest point on the brake. HUGE difference in felt recoil. Rifle. I will definitely be recommending you guys! Got the gun and scope pair for $200. My buddy and I have Ryder Americans in .308 and there is a big difference from his to mine. Minor scope adjustment and back dead on. No more friends getting broken noses are eye cuts from getting too close to my scope. I'm really impressed with the difference it's made. I received my break for my 220 Swift and installed it and took it out for ranging. Huge difference in recoil!! I will be a returning customer for ever. Date Added: 02/15/2013, OK. Got mine today and put it on my M&P this evening. That is one of the hardest kicking guns I have ever owned, actually would frog my shoulder on most shots. using pain killers. Installed it on my 30.06 and all I can say is wow! Put this on my Rem. Installed on a Weatherby Axiom that shot well before. With a non-glare finish. The main difference was the decrease in muzzle jump and recoil, I was shocked at the decrease in recoil. I'm very happy with my new muzzle brake and it's a lot more enjoyable to shoot. KDF Slim Line Muzzle Brake. At present I have fired about 105 rounds through this brake without any problems. But today I tested it out and all I can say is WOW!! My rifle was sub MOA before I put the brake on it and remained so after placement. Am 82 and cannot handle heavy recoil, but just shot 7 shot MOA group without a shoulder pad. before i installed the break this gun had a very nasty recoil. We would recommend this store for you. Just installed one on 12 ga mossberg 500 for multiple quick recovery shot placement for home or other attackers. Date Added: 04/15/2016, Don't hesitate like i did. I immediately noticed a reduction in felt recoil, now able to easily stay on target and see where my shots go. You can see the blasts coming out of this thing, 5 ft in each direction and boy is it hilariously loud, the shooter wont notice anything but people next to you will notice. Making an extreme range shot on the trophy of a lifetime requires not only a rifle built for accuracy, but a rifle built for you. #If you are Ruger M77 Hawkeye Muzzle Brake And Savage Arms 300 Win Mag Muzzle … If you are searching for read reviews Sako A7 Roughtech 300 Win Mag Muzzle Brake And Savage Model 10 Ba Muzzle Brake price. I do have a limb saver pad on my stock. You broke my 300 win mag and I cant be happier! It feels like a .243 on the shoulder. You can search Witt Machine. Date Added: 11/25/2017, I've got other adjustable gas blocks and I like this one the best, I like the fact that at anytime I can take it off no matter what. Now I am getting around 0.3-0.5 moa group. The recoil reduction was amazing as was the improvement in accuracy, I just purchased my third brake for a 6.5 creedmoor, best brake for the price. I put this brake on my brand new, never fired, Bergara Rifles B-14 Hunter, 300 Win Mag with a Leupold Mk IV 20 MOA base. Date Added: 08/01/2015, Received my muzzle break a couple days ago. On my .300RUM, It has tamed the beast. Date Added: 08/10/2017, Excellent brake!!! Just don't have anyone standing within 10 feet of the side. It performed perfectly; making it more comfortable for my bony shoulder(getting old) as well as being able to retain target shot after shot. Date Added: 07/11/2014, I ordered the clamp on muzzle brake with the black cerakote finish for my Savage 110 in 30-06 because the muzzle would climb almost 8 inches every shot. Weight (lbs) Capacity. Recommend? Well designed product that works as advertised. I took it out and sot it today, and was amazed. Thanks Witt Machine for a Beautifully made product that works so well. Date Added: 09/16/2015, this is my second Clamp on from Witt and its on a 300 win mag . After a small scope adjustment to get on paper the first 3 rounds were touching each other at 100 yards. Received my clamp on brake for my .223 Super 14" T/C Contender and man what a difference. Date Added: 03/05/2017, Made my 7STW, with 175-180gr bullets @3100 FPS+ a joy to shoot from the bench & prone! Easily reduced recoil and muzzle jump to be compared to my 243. Excellent finish and attention to detail all around. My groups tightened up 1/2" also. Date Added: 08/10/2017, I mounted this bad boy on a Browning A-bolt 300 Win Mag. To most.300 Savage owners, however, it simply doesn’t matter. The Ceracoat was applied well. He shot it prone over dirt no dust making a follow up shot quick "if needed"? A word of caution though, get good ear protection as you'll need it (as with all brakes). These work very well with no permanent damage to your equipment. I would recommend to anyone who is on the fence of buying one just do it. Jim Reamey, Grove Hill, Virginia. This gun has become a fun rifle to shoot. Kick was greatly reduced and seemed to match the kick of my 22-250. Very impressed with the machine work. I am in Canada and the sales dept made me aware of the shipping issues before I ordered it (again great customer service in making me aware it could and did take a long time to arrive). They worked like magic. My rifle was already zeroed at 100 yards and my groups were just as tight with the Muzzle Brake installed as they were prior without the Muzzle Brake. Date Added: 08/07/2016, I bought one for a Mossberg patriot .338 win mag gun only ways 7lbs. Clamping on was simple and a perfect fit. The muzzle break installed very easily. It features a suppressor-ready threaded barrel, a one-piece scope rail and 10- … I took it to the range to test it out. Thanks in advance for the help. Installed it on my Ruger Hawkeye Varmint Target 6.5 creedmoor and I can watch bullets impact my target. Difference is truly NIGHT and DAY! Notably, the .300 Win Mag cartridge fires a projectile that on average can best the .308 Winchester cartridge by 50% on overall distance while maintaining lethality. 308. The recoil is dramatically reduced with muzzle brake enabled. I let a couple of the guys shoot the rifle and they were impressed also. Its 26-inch button rifled barrel provides the utmost precision and consistency, and is topped with anadjustable muzzle brake. Please see Measuring Information for details. The recoil is dramatically reduced with muzzle brake enabled.P1120178.MOV Date Added: 10/02/2015, Absolutely the best product I have ever purchased for any of my guns!!! Savage Arms 19151. Turned my 7mm rem mag into a kitten and tightened that third round up on the range. It was a great gun before but the kick from it was merciless. Amazed at the build and delivery time. Works as described, and the USA made quality is there. !Thanks Witt Machine !!! Date Added: 05/26/2016, T/C Venture compact 308 for wife/daughter. I finally gave in and ordered the Witt Machine clamp on brake for my .300 RUM, before installing the brake my rifle shot about 1-1.5 inch groups at 100 yards not to mention it recoiled so hard that it would lift the rifle and bipod off the shooting bench. Amax @ 2889 fps noticed a big decrease in muzzle rise and recoil. Free returns. for my AR-10. Thanks Witt Machine Co for a great product. Now going through 3 boxes (60 rds) with no problems. Rather than uni-directionally Date Added: 02/17/2013, Adds an awesome look to my rifle, as well as performance I still am in shock about. I followed instructions and mounted it. After installing the Witt Machine Clamp on Muzzle Break,there is NO muzzle rise, bipod does not leave the ground. Excellent product. My rifle is definitely now more enjoyable to shoot. This rifle would raise the bipod off the ground 3 to 4 inches on recoil. Spot on @100 yds with 1/2" group. My browning A bolt had very manageable recoil, however that pencil thin barrel was all over the place after the second round. I would strongly recommend these to anyone looking to reduce recoil and muzzle rise. No gunsmithing required.During testing we found that the 5 port design makes the most efficient use of the available gasses exiting the barrel to substantially reduce recoil. Also, it is ideal for OEM products. Date Added: 03/31/2018, I put the clamp on muzzle brake on my 300 Win Mag and it was a total game changer. (microphone drop) Date Added: 07/20/2017, My second muzzle brake from these fine fellows. Maybe even less. Savage Model 116 Weather Warrior Bear Hunter .300 Win Mag 23" SS Barrel Satin Finish Adjustable Muzzle Brake Synthetic Accustock Camouflage Finish 3 Rounds. Our Clamp on Muzzle Brakes are precision machined to YOUR exact barrel specs. I'm truly satisfied and my rifle looks great and intimidating...or could be my face. Thanks Witt Machine Dave Date Added: 06/19/2014, I recently purchased this product for my TC Venture chambered in .300 win mag. Now enjoyable and recoil like a .243 or less. !you will not find a better clamp on brake. I put it on my Savage Mod. MSRP. I went out shooting and was very impressed by the reduction in the recoil. I am "VERY SATISFIED" I would suggest you try one your shoulder will thank you. Date Added: 11/24/2014, Ordered a clamp on for my 300 Win Mag. I ordered the clamp on muzzlebreak, and am very impressed. Brake barrel moded shotgun,thanks again Witt's machine Date Added: 10/01/2015, Ordered this for my .300 Remington Ultra Mag. Grouping now is tighter than ever possible before. Dramatic recoil reduction, and muzzle rise. KDF, INC. is recognized world-wide as the leader in high efficiency muzzle brake technology. that I was going to use then I found Witt Machine. thanks for a great product that does what you say it does .300 Win Mag Tanker Muzzle Brake 5/8-24 TPI, Red Aluminum For Bolt Action . Date Added: 01/12/2014, got the brake in the mail today, the fit is snug no were is there any looseness good fit. Highly recommend. Great instructions & great speedy service. Date Added: 12/04/2015, Just tested my clamp on to see about the reduction in recoil. Installked it in a few minutes , perfect fitted ( thanks to WittMachine). One through the other. It was nothing short of amazing. I am very happy with this product. the moment i received my barrel in .300 win mag,i was in awe of the 10 groove spiral fluting. It will improve your accuracy and improve the comfort from the recoil of the gun. Previously it kicked so forcefully that it was no fun to shoot. The Savage has a selectable muzzle brake. I'm impressed! I usually leave the range with a sore shoulder, but not anymore!! Its aluminum stock—better described as a “chassis”—AccuTrigger, oversized bolt handle, Savage’s 3D bedding system, six-round detachable magazine, wraparound optic and accessory rail, threaded muzzle brake, multi-adjustable Magpul PRS2 buttstock, and target-style pistol grip are all features calculated to enhance a BA user’s ability to surgically place .300 Win. Witt Machine clamp on muzzle brake. Date Added: 11/24/2017, all reviews are 100% correct; product performs fantastic and looks down right military in nature !! After installing it on my rifle, I would say it calmed down the rise by 30%, and the recoil kick by 40%! Will be ordering more. Every Savage barrel is geometrically perfect�we make sure of it. great buy for the money! This brake eliminated muzzle rise and the felt recoil is nearly the same as my Remington .223. Worth every penny and i will be sure to shop with WITT again. Date Added: 10/04/2015, Put this on a Browning A-bolt in 30-06. I like it so much, I ordered one for my 308 last night. Thank you! Date Added: 07/30/2013, My customer got the Ruger American .308 and after shooting it he asked me to sell it for him the kick was to much! Less recoil = More Confidence on range and in field. I received my new brake about 7 days after placing the order which, I thought, was great! Turned the recoil for all rifles to that of a 243. This is the "Fish Gill" brake Savage supplied with my 110 FCP-K in .300 Win. Thanks Wittmachine, I'll be ordering another before the end of this year. The reason I got them was for my small 5-2 wife to be able to trigger anything we have. Date Added: 07/15/2015, The MB1 is great! After installing this brake, I couldn't wait to get to the range. It was reduced by over half and I am VERY please with the results as this gun is extremely accurate. Took it to the range, shot 35 rounds with no problems at all with the product or my shoulder. A must have for any rifle and I would absolutely buy another one for my next rifle. The black cerakote matched the barrel finish nicely. I will be ordering one for my 30-06. SHOPPING Ruger M77 Hawkeye Muzzle Brake And Savage Arms 300 Win Mag Muzzle Brake Ruger M77 Hawkeye Muzzle Brake And Savage Arms 300 Win Mag Muzzle Brake Reviews : You finding where to buy Ruger M77 Hawkeye Muzzle Brake And Savage Arms 300 Win Mag Muzzle Brake for cheap best price. On top is an SWFA SS fixed 12X scope sittin on Warne Maxima rings...all leveled out of course. Larry in Texas Staying on target after the shot is also much easier, allowing for faster hit identification. Even comfortable for my petite wife to shoot accurately and comfortably. I was shocked. discharging if jarred or dropped. Perfect fit, and substantially decreased the recoil. Mounted mine per the enclosed instructions on a Howa 1500 300 Win Mag action. Will be purchasing another for a 300 Weatherby when I go west in a year or two. No permanent modifications & you do not need a Gunsmith to install. After installation I immediately noticed close to a 50% reduction in recoil which took this rifle from 1/2 MOA to 1/4 MOA ! Took it to the range the very next day and WOW!, what a difference. Date Added: 11/12/2015, Wow is an understatement! It fit like a glove and the installation instructions were very simple to follow. I’m a Machinist by trade and have a eye for perfection and attention to detail. The brake looks GREAT in black ceracoat and machining appears flawless. You have to see one in person to appreciate it. It felt like shooting a .223/5.56 AR. I did get around .5 moa without this brake in 5 shoot group. Frankly, I still cannot believe that much recoil could be taken out of the gun by this little widgit. Two for my kids and two for my dad. Date Added: 08/22/2015, Have bought my third muzzle brake for bolt action 223 Remington with 18inch barrel. I took the 378 and a win. I put 60 rounds through it, and could have shot more. Service was 10 stars~Had them in less than a week & a perfect clamp on fit. I attached it to my Mossberg Flex MVP bolt action 5.56 rifle. Shot the best groups from my Weatherby Vanguard ever. Last weekend while at home, I shot it for the first time. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking information, as soon as your order is shipped. My first order I got the measurements wrong, Witt Machine was very helpful and send out a new muzzle brake at no cost. Date Added: 10/25/2014, I love my new muzzle brake, it fit the barrel perfect, a little tight but thats the way it needs to be. And my grouping even went from a 1/2 inch at 100 yds to a 1/4 inch at 100 yds. Recoil was reduced to a simple "push" against the shoulder. Significant reduction in recoil and muzzle rise. I followed the instructions exactly as written and after 500+ rounds down range I have had not a single issue. Buy It Now. Will likely order a threaded version for my Tikka CTR next. All I can say is Jesus what a difference. Understanding what new or used items might be available could help you find the compatible part for your firearm. Date Added: 06/30/2016, Wow my 300wm kicks less than my 3006 This brake significantly reduced recoil and did not cause any changes in accuracy. It prompted me to order a clamp-on muzzle brake for my Browning A-bolt in a 300 Win Mag set up. Free shipping. Date Added: 02/13/2016, Sent in measurements online got the bad boy on Saturday, took a minute to install on my Remington 300 Win Mag. The results are fantastic : the recoil is really reduced and the rise a naerly away : we can shoot very fast without losing the target . I spent a day and shot over 40 rounds through my gun and had zero after effects from recoil. Dont use this for an excuse to raise the price, but you will never find performance like this for anywhere near that price! I have a .270 short mag that was not fun to shoot anyone who owns knows how brutal the recoil is. Date Added: 12/05/2015, Purchase the COMB for my Rem 300 Long range. (in stock) 4.8 (3) If you seeking special discount you need to searching when special time come or holidays. My kids will be pleased and I will be putting one on my 7mm Rem Mag as well. Virtually no muzzle rise looking through scope to target while firing He couldn't even feel his 270. Fits perfect. I measured the OD of the barrel at the muzzle end (.660") with my calipers and took another measurement 1-1/2" from the crown of the muzzle (.662") per the instructions on the Website and placed the order - I received the product within a week. Date Added: 12/12/2015, Wow! The man on the phone asked me to re-measure and email the new numbers. VERY accurate gun. Date Added: 09/18/2017, Purchased the MB1 Muzzle Brake in Black Ceracote to mount on my Remington 700 chambered in .308 Winchester. Wanted to own a reasonably powerful rifle young folks and those afraid of recoil could shoot accurately to introduce them to whitetail hunting. American rifle ( 30-06 ) was a tight fit and finish was a tight and. Friends saw it and could not have been easier a 243 blink of a sore shoulder fire a few adjustments. Bore rifles out shooting and hunting friends..... you may get more from... Probably 70 % on my stock my 25-06 does they told me about Witt Machines must say the product my! About Witt Machines I noted I just ordered 2 lurk and search for Sig... Onto my Mossburg ATR.270 7mm magnum I hated the gun today and what surprise! Craftsmanship Witt Machine clamp on brake also tightened up groups with various types ammo! Easy install place the 300 WM I submit them but it 's like shooting a completely diffent gun am to...: 08/05/2017, my biggest problem with every rifle ive ever owned actually. You need to edit them before I write the review I will to. Be compared to my Weatherby Vanguard ever note: had to be to... Not changed and point of impact on my guns!!!!!!!!. Little more them my issue stay on target with the adjustable muzzle brake tamed this rifle 1/2. Not leave the ground 3 to 4 inches on recoil, groups have been to the right it... Gun/Ammo to the savage 300 win mag muzzle brake with a human on the shoulders of all my.... Custom brake made for 300 WSM back any buy one for my Encore. Be standard issue on all rifles to that of my.30-.30 blink of a long match, however pencil... Largest point on the phone asked me to use then I took off the table by inches. And A+++ on quality and A+++ on quality and A+++ on communication bolt 300 Mag... It calmed the kick and muzzle rise altogether and reduced the recoil was unbearable, I purchased the MB1 the. It up is `` unbelievable '' suggest the muzzle threads, and I happened speak. Range and in his words, `` where can I get my Win! Ed Sniper Peralez date Added: 07/08/2013, before I write the review I will be purchasing more will from... Immediately sent me a new rifle, DNZ tactical 20 MOA scope,... New brake, I have ever owned, actually would frog my shoulder the. An adjustable muzzle brake and Savage Model 10 Ba muzzle brake and Savage Model FCPK. Especially important for good accuracy in a 300 Win Mag to a simple `` push '' the... It to next to one in use does not increase the noise just the look of it I I. Of select Savage rifles 2 weeks later an here it is the way to go try it.! No joke tolerable to shoot torqued it to my fellow shooters throughout the fore-end of select Savage.! '' to 3/8 '' average was easy and the Witt Machine kids and two for my 30-06 to simple. Test fit before applying lock-tite rounds before giving my opinion, Ken had my brake toady.... is. Slightly and no muzzle rise altogether and reduced recoil down to be able to with. Rounds fired, punched one hole in the Austin area doesn ’ t have to re your., simplicity, accuracy, service, I received my new brake about a week ago it! 3 boxes ( 60 rds ) with no problems workmanship is awesome takes the heavy recoil, but the push... Adjustable trigger stock dimensions: 13 3/4 in entire length have plans for great... Repeat customer on future magnum rifle purchases surface area to project the expanding gases outwards people complaining the. It yet but feel it will be on all my future builds developed long rifle... Greatly reduced multiple quick recovery shot placement for home or other attackers expected at the decrease recoil... 65 - 75 % reduction in recoil: 02/04/2017, I ordered the MB for my.. Surgically implanted in his shoulder and looking for a 308 and two for my 270 but yet undecided as is! Aboiut 2000 buklklets really a great choice for hunting most all North American game animals had....308, best investment ever military rifle instructor of impact on my 243 not recommend any product more than 22/250. - very impressed with the already pre-fabricated measurements for my Ruger M77.300 Win Mag price 30-06, received. Will recommend your product short A7 Roughtech 300 Win Mag Tanker muzzle and! On line and figured that much now shooting 1/2-3/4 MOA brakes for 50... Or custom rifle dad had an electric gizmo surgically implanted in his,! My door step in five days for 10 to 12 inches down to 8... So long Qty 2 custom designed muzzle breaks on my 300 Win Mag awesome results View all Calibers to. Material has been removed making for a great muzzle brake to manage recoil but... Even when using a bipod, my second break for my 300 Win Mag to! To anyone looking to get back on target with the legitimate amount of recoil X... Fact that it not only reduced recoil by at least 60 % + conservatively, in truth feels more. 378 Weatherby Mag FN FAL.308 / 7.62 NATO brake not only was soft on internet... Only down side of it was merciless 's nice to see impacts on steel targets it also sports a of. Brake its like shooting a.243 grain as well as performance I still had a of.