Does it really play softer on slower swings and compact strokes and more firm on faster swings? Unser Angebot enthält nicht nur Saitensets für eine Bespannung sondern auch Rollen von 38,5 über 200 bis 400m. 11 (4%) 2 Sterne. 125 € VB 08058 Zwickau. He said, "Smart provided a high level of control. It’s too comfortable for me and has a bit of a trampoline-like response. Luxilon's answer to this familiar problem is a string called LXN Smart, which features a more evolved version of the Multi-Mono technology found in their M2 and Element strings. Even at 35 pounds, I was still able to get lots of control on my shots. He explained, "I loved the controlled response of this string. Not sure I have should have done it differently? * More Midwest No matter the tension, I noticed a drop off at the start of each fresh stringing, which then stabilized to a consistent level of control and power. Let me know what you think about the Luxilon Smart string in the comments below! ", According to our team, Smart is not immune to the ravages of time. When I took a big swing, especially on a flatter swing path, Smart felt firm and crisp, though not quite as crisp and responsive as ALU Power. It had a soft feel with good pocketing, which you would typically find with a livelier co-poly. But on slower strokes, Smart is designed to act more like a multifilament, which means it softens for greater touch, pocketing and comfort. Playtest Tension: 42 lbs. Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful review of the Smart String. If you found this review interesting or have further questions or comments please contact us. 5 Sterne. Does it work? Tennis Equipment Women's Tennis. 5 (2%) 4,6 Sterne. Right up there with most round co-poly strings. The biggest downside I found with playability was that the strings were getting stuck out of place. At Impacting Tennis we Look forward to testing them as we have some incoming. As with their M2 and Element series, Luxilon has designed this string with variable flex to perform optimally across different stroke speeds. In the marketing video, it says that this string is for everyone, but I am not so sure. This string's tendency to notch and move wasn't as significant as most multifilaments, but it was more noticeable than most co-poly strings. Hi, I have not tried the Solinco Barb Wire. Versand möglich. 800-334-4580; Log In; Cart; Midwest Durchschnitt aus 121 Meinungen in 2 Quellen. The string firms up on high impact shots and softens when you need more feel on those touch shots. ", Troy also found Smart to be quite comfortable. Beschreibung ; Preis für 3: 14,99 € pro Stück Wir präsentieren die neue Luxilon Smart, eine technologisch fortschrittliche Co-Polyestersaite mit einer beeindruckenden Kombination aus Kontrolle, Haltbarkeit und Gefühl. Midwest Sports; Luxilon Smart 130 Tennis String; Luxilon Smart 130 Tennis String. Cari produk Senar Raket Tenis lainnya di Tokopedia. The revolutionary LXN SMART strings brings a new innovation to the world of tennis strings. Kids' Tennis. Playtest Racquet: Tecnfibre TFlash 300 PS On the downside, co-polyester strings are quite firm, which often translates into an overly stiff and dead feel on slower strokes like touch shots. ", Selecting a tennis string is typically an exercise in compromise. This became more evident as I put more hours of use on the string. Mehr Speed und ein gewisser Touch verbessern jeden Auftritt. ", Troy - "This LXN Smart is similar in comfort to Luxilon Element, but I found it to have better control on big swings from the baseline. If yes on the constant pull, did you allow each string to stay sunject to the constant pull for a period of time before clamping? Notching: Moderate Luxilon Smart ( 200m Rolle ) schwarz. Introducing Luxilon Smart, a technologically advanced co-poly with an impressive combination of control, durability and feel. Luxilon’s new LXN Smart string ($20/set; $290/reel) aims to bridge this gap. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Your California Privacy Rights | Accessibility*Price comparisons are based on the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price ("MSRP") or Original Selling Price. He described, "Luxilon's claim that Smart stiffens up on big swings while playing softer on more compact strokes proved true based on my hitting experience. Would you happen to recall any other strings that it’s comparable to near the $10 mark for me to try out? Chris - "Luxilon's ALU Power Rough has a similar stiffness on court, but Element feels livelier and the ball jumps off the stringbed much more for me. The surface of the string did seem to notch a little quicker, and I had to adjust my strings more than I do with most polys.

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