The character also appears in the episodes "Homer Loves Flanders" (who tells Homer that, if Homer actually went to work for eight days instead of camping out outside the ticket window for football tickets, he would have earned enough to get his tickets from a scalper), "Homer and Apu" (as one of the angry customers in the beginning of the episode), "Bart of Darkness" (in which he punched a hippie for singing "Sunshine on My Shoulders" during a town-wide heat wave) and "Grampa vs. Since then, she is often seen escorting him to Springfield events such as conventions, recitals, and plays. She first appeared in "Homer Defined", as a concerned mother who barred Milhouse from being Bart's friend due to Bart being a bad influence. He also has an unscrupulous manager named Lucius Sweet, who closely resembles Tyson's promoter and manager Don King. Since then, his roles have become less relevant and have been reduced to short appearances. Krusty has implied that if he can not find a human willing to donate a lung when he gets cancer, he is planning on harvesting one from Mr. Teeny. The design of Dr. Nick is modeled physically on Gábor Csupó, the co-founder of Klasky Csupo animation studios (which animated the series for its first three seasons and The Tracey Ullman Show shorts). Doctor Hibbert once confessed to leaving his car keys inside her. He became the mayor of a small Tuscan village and married Francesca, with whom he had a son called Gino, although Sideshow Bob never told her, or indeed anyone about his murderous past. In the episode, "Grade School Confidential", she immediately dials the authorities to Clancy's command. What she said was, she's tired of having rabies. Virtually nothing is known about them, except that Sam always wears a cap and glasses and Larry has an orange jacket and a balding head and either looks extremely drunk or very depressed. Plow", he tells Barney Gumble (who is handing out flyers dressed as Lullabuy$'s Big Baby) that he "sickens" him. Lenny appears to be well liked by the Simpson family – on one occasion, Marge and the kids build a prayer shrine for him when learning he was taken to the hospital. Ms. Teresa Albright is voiced by Tress MacNeille. The pair are later reduced to low-paying work such as a show at an Indian casino. They are a favorite of Lisa and Maggie Simpson. Bumblebee Man is a caricature parody of El Chapulín Colorado, a character created and portrayed by Mexican television comedian Roberto Gómez Bolaños (a.k.a. I wanted the black one!" Although he appears to be elderly, in fact, Hans Moleman claims to be 31 years old, and that "drinking has ruined [his] life". It follows the lives of the inhabitants of Springfield, starting when they were in third grade and continuing every eight years. Commentary for ", Groening, Matt; Jean, Al; Kogen, Jay; Reiss, Mike; Wolodarsky, Wallace (2004). At the end of the episode, Nelson and his parents reunite, and she gets a job as Lady Macbeth with "the third director she slept with". Animator Jim Reardon modeled the character's appearance on actor Charles Lane.[36]. In "Homer's Triple Bypass", Hibbert announces to Homer that his heart operation will cost $30,000. (Part Two)", Kent Brockman does not like Dave Shutton and thinks he is unprofessional.[85][86][87]. [96] The animators mistakenly believed that Hank Azaria was impersonating Csupó, when in fact he was doing an impression of Ricky Ricardo from the TV series I Love Lucy. He first appears in the episode "A Milhouse Divided", dating Luann after her divorce. His mother's name is Toot-Toot, and she refers to him as Louis when they are reunited in "Bart Has Two Mommies". Arnie Pye (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) is a disgruntled, somewhat eccentric helicopter traffic reporter for Springfield's KBBL-TV (Channel 6). Apu is seen to be very romantically awkward, as well as quite distant from Manjula, and he previously told her that it was customary in America to work long hours, seven days a week, and to never see your wife. He is seen in "Marge in Chains" at the court as the foreman of Marge's trial. He first appears in "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" although his first speaking appearance is in "Homer's Odyssey". One of the most controversial moments in the show among fans, this kill-off was met with strong criticism but was decided by the show's producers in order to open new story lines for the series. [7] Before that, the character was known as "Mrs. They are usually seen flanking the mayor at town meetings, but sometimes they appear as members of a crowd. In "'Tis the Fifteenth Season", he mentions that he is "jealous of girls 'cause they get to wear dresses'", suggesting nascent transvestism. Since the seventh season, the character Monroe has been retired, as voicing the character strained Shearer's throat. Sam and Larry, also known as "Barfly #1" and "Barfly #2", are two regular patrons of Moe's Tavern. In "Lisa the Greek", they are briefly shown watching TV in their apartment, and in "To Courier with Love", they are leathermakers who try to kill an endangered blue snake that Homer was supposed to send them to pay for a trip to France; they try to capture it on their own and fail. He also has an artificial leg. Commentary for "Homer Goes to College", in, Castellaneta, Dan (2003). Bart wins the elephant in a radio contest called "KBBL Is Gonna Gimme Something Stupid". In The Simpsons arcade game mobile, he appears as a boss in the Springfield Mall and uses an axe, a mallet, and bombs that look like Itchy and Scratchy. She was also seen in The Simpsons Movie during a crowd scene. In the episode "Lisa's Substitute", she thought she had lyme disease. With Which TV Family Would You Celebrate the Holidays? He first appeared in "Bart the Daredevil" which featured him in more scenes than other episodes. In "Much Apu About Something", he is a young adult and is now called "Jay". [154] In one of Homer's daydreams, it is shown that Lenny is the President of the United States. [2] She is the First Church of Springfield Sunday school teacher, who is constantly forced to deal with the children's questions about the more difficult to explain aspects of religion, leading her to yell "Is a little blind faith too little to ask?". He ended up at Springfield Elementary instead. He possibly lives in the Retirement Castle and is rarely seen in the series. In "Milhouse of Sand and Fog", it is revealed that Luann had also gone out with Disco Stu as well and had begun a relationship with Sea Captain. He enjoys intimidating his schoolmates and shoplifting. In an early 1991 episode, "Principal Charming", Carl's name is spelled "Karl", the same spelling seen for an unrelated character of the same season. Special delivery from Uncle Sam and all the boys in 'D' Company: Johnny, Harrison, Brooklyn Bob, and Reggie. [195][196][197][198], Roswell returned to The Simpsons in 2002[199] after reaching a deal with producers to allow her to record her lines from her home in Denver. Carl is frequently said to be among the most attractive men in Springfield; in "Principal Charming", Homer concludes that Carl is too attractive for Selma. (voiced by Harry Shearer) is the Simpsons' generally kind and good natured family doctor. Shearer also … [131] When he realized that Marge Simpson was initially unenthusiastic about having a third child, he implied that a healthy baby could bring in as much as $60,000 on the black market. Although rarely featured on the show, she has been a recurring character in the Simpsons comic book series. Martin Prince Jr.[191] was voiced by Russi Taylor until her death on July 26, 2019, and currently voiced by Grey Griffin. He always gets fired, often for just being incompetent but sometimes out of bad luck (he lost his job at Costington's when he refused to take back a gift he had sold to Lisa so that the CEO's granddaughter could have it[specify], and Marge fires him from her Mother Hubbard's Sandwich Shop for no real reason). My Fair Laddy reveals that he is considered the second least important employee of the school after Willie, as he is demoted to groundskeeper after Willie leaves. Otto Mann. They are responsible for giving Bart his elephant, Stampy, although they were surprised when Bart wanted Stampy, because they thought he would choose the other prize, $10,000. The character is a parody of Judge Judy Sheindlin. He was featured in at least one 1950s era black-and-white serial, sponsored by Laramie Cigarettes. Herman is often portrayed as a crook, having sold Abraham Simpson a fez by falsely claiming it was previously owned by Napoleon; Herman then advertised Abe's old hat as "the hat McKinley was shot in". Shauna Chalmers is a rebellious, promiscuous teenager who is Superintendent Chalmers' daughter. For example, when Maggie saved Homer from drowning, he attributed it to common cases of superhuman strength in children whose parents' lives are in danger. I've got cartoons to make.". His appearance seems to have been inspired by the mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, the Phillie Phanatic. In "Dancin' Homer", he was voiced by Daryl L. [136] In the 1999 episode "Grift of the Magi", we learn that Dr. Hibbert lives next door to Police Chief Wiggum. He is one of the few characters whose hair is the same color as his skin. She enjoys reading babysitting books and hates ice cream. Claude's main love interest, journalist Gloria Grand, has little interest in him, and dismisses him as a 'rich kid'. Although he is usually generous, he can sometimes be insensitive. [209] David Silverman had to create a model sheet of the Old Barber for Jim Reardon, who directed "22 Short Films about Springfield". [208], The Old Barber made his last appearance in the twelfth season episode "Lisa the Tree Hugger". She was warned by Bart and Milhouse and decided to not to do so. She has suffered from rabies,[42] and admitted to being illiterate. The character was voiced by Marcia Mitzman Gaven at that time. [185] Manjula was voiced by actress Jan Hooks from seasons 9 to 14,[189] by Tress MacNeille in season 15 (only one appearance) and by Maggie Roswell thereafter. In which, Lisa swabs him with nerd sweat, which forces Nelson Muntz to involuntarily get up and start punching Tatum and give him a wedgie, to little effect. Quimby scolds her for lying about her graduating from "typing school". After an unauthorized school field trip, Chalmers is fired for letting Nelson fall off a cliff, but is re-hired and given the title of Super-Duper-Intendent. In "My Fair Laddy", she takes a leave of absence to get a sex-change operation and will return as "Mr. Pommelhorst" (implying that she is a transsexual man), the new shop teacher and is replaced with Coach Krupt. He has made other robot clones of Marge that did not work well. He authored the book Only Turkeys Have Left Wings. In "Like Father, Like Clown", Rabbi Krustofsky had been estranged from his son for twenty-five years, having disowned Krusty when the young man chose to become a clown rather than follow the family tradition of becoming a rabbi. [125] He often said nonsensical things around the office for no apparent reason, one of which was "Jub-Jub". Plopper's first appearance is in the movie, where he stars in a TV ad to promote Krusty's new burger, The Clogger. Whenever he visits Springfield Elementary, some sort of disaster strikes. It is implied Dr. Nick was about to give Moe the sex-change operation that was originally meant for Largo, as he is heard to cry: "I look nothing like Julie Newmar!". The character's demeanor and Castellaneta's voice for the character are based on Roy Cohn, best known as Joe McCarthy's chief counsel during the Second Red Scare of the 1950s. Part 2, Merrill Markoe's Guide to Glamorous Living, Spitting Image: The Ronnie and Nancy Show, Spitting Image: Down and Out in the White House, The History of White People in America: Volume II, The Second Almost Annual Shotz Talent Show, Shooting Stars: A Rock Photographer's Journey, Harry Shearer as Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore: The Missing Sketches, The 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Semifinal 1, Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Quarterfinal 4, Elizabeth McGovern/Harry Shearer/Kay Burley, Pay Up, Cheaters! He lets Ned Flanders allow the school to descend into anarchy when Flanders is principal, freely admitting that he had fired Skinner for far less, explaining simply that "Skinner really bugged me." Bart simply replies, "Oh, yeah." Artie begins to acknowledge that his selfishness is to blame. Potato Head / Mr. Roarke / Mr. Schindler / Mr. Stanky / Mr. T / Mr. Vanderbilt / Mufasa / NASA Scientist #1 / NASA Technician / National Guard / Native American #1 / Nature Documentary Narrator / Naval Officer #1 / Navy Paratrooper #1 / Ned's Father / Nedward Flanders Sr. / Network Exec #1 / Network Executive #2 / New Account Opener / News Reporter #2 / News announcer / Newsreel Announcer / Newsreel Narrator / Nick #1 / Nigel / Noir Smithers / Nuclear Inspector / Nuclear Physics Professor / Nuclear Power Heckler #2 / Nuclear Response #2 / O.J. Homer later calls him Harry Plopper, and the pig is seen with glasses and a lightning bolt-shaped scar, based on the character Harry Potter. Commentary for ", Silverman, David (2003). In "A Star is Burns", he came to Springfield to be a judge during the film festival. In Season 24's "The Changing of the Guardian", she has grown to a preschooler and shown as precociously talented, able to play musical instruments and practice painting. When Mr. Burns monopolized the local media in "Fraudcast News", he fired the duo, but they have returned to the job in later episodes. When Bart arrives at the Spuckler house, Cletus informs him that she ran away after he scheduled her for marriage again. Manjula appeared in the season 26 episode "Covercraft" but did not speak. She wears a pink outfit and a pillbox hat similar to the outfit worn by Jackie Kennedy on the day of the Kennedy assassination. ), Artie Ziff is a narcissistic Internet entrepreneur who is infatuated with Marge Simpson, his former high school classmate. [191] In some episodes, it is also implied that Martin may be a closeted homosexual.[193]. He is later seen in "Simpson Tide" mopping the floor and informs Homer he is off the hook when all the Naval Judges leave, having been indicted in various scandals. He recently appeared in "Treehouse of Horror XXXI" and "Podcast News" as well. Another time, in "Hello Gutter, Hello Fadder", Homer openly addressed Sherri as "the girl Bart has a crush on". Her name is a play on "constant harm". She hates Edna Krabappeldue to her son's feelings for the other woman. He has the same bizarre hair as his father and his paternal grandmother, as well as the same hatred for Bart Simpson. [97] He is named after George C. Nichopoulos, a former physician best known for over-prescribing prescription drugs to Elvis Presley and contributing to his death from cardiac arrest in 1977. According to his driver's license, he was born on January 18, 1963, thus making him 29, as of \"The Otto Show.\" He is also confirmed to be 5 ft 10 inch (5'10), on the back flap of the Season 15 box set, showing said license to hold the guide.Otto has apparently graduated from Brown University, as shown in Lisa Gets a… Brandine Spuckler (voiced by Tress MacNeille)[2] is the wife of Cletus Spuckler. On an expedition to Springfield's historic "Fort Springfield", Bart uncovers other inconsistencies in the Jebediah legend, such as that he fought at Fort Ticonderoga the same day as the first Whacking Day. She first appears in "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love", dating Mr. Burns. In "Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words", he even pronounces the words "skimmer" and "dinner" in a similar manner to Skinner's name, who mistakes it as Chalmers wanting his attention. Random voice comparison video I wanted to make. Carl is an Icelandic-African American, with a master's degree in nuclear physics, fond of bowling and drinking at Moe's Tavern. When Mobbs was giving an announcement, Bart made a prank and made it look like he was insulting his customers. "), "¡Ay, ay, ay, no es bueno!" In "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show", he creates Poochie in an attempt to bring the show's ratings back up. [161] Naegle-like characters have appeared throughout the series, such as the OmniTouch Rep from "Make Room for Lisa" and Laramie executive Mindy from "E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)". While Barlow endorses Bob for mayor to the Springfield Republican Party, it is implied he had nothing to do with the electoral fraud, as Bob clears his name in a fit of egomaniacal boasting when Lisa accuses Bob of being Barlows puppet. He distributes the cartoon, which is frequently criticized by parents because of its violent nature. The Yes Guy is a tribute to Frank Nelson, a supporting actor in The Jack Benny Program, I Love Lucy, and Sanford and Son, whose trademark greeting in all his characters was a loud, drawn-out "Ye-e-e-s?!" Frankie the Squealer (voiced by Dan Castellaneta) is a member of the Mafia and associate of Fat Tony. After Sanjay retires, he gives his share of the store to Jay and turns the Kwik-E-Mart into a healthy food market called Quick & Fresh. Prior to that episode, Kearney's surname was never mentioned. Their skin color is not the "healthy" yellow of the Simpson family, but rather a more sallow, sickly tone. ", delivered while shaking his jowls. In "Love Is a Many Strangled Thing" he dies from overexerting himself while dancing (though this does not stop his ghost from dancing), but in "Replaceable You", he is alive. According to Simpsons writer Michael Price this name change happened out of respect for Grau's death. In "She of Little Faith", it is revealed that Kearney dated Jimbo's mother, Carol. [45] On April 27, 2008, more is revealed about Cletus and Brandine in an episode entitled "Apocalypse Cow"; Brandine had married Cletus at the age of 13, having been married four times previously. As an entrepreneur, McCallister is equally incompetent. [muttering]: I do this, and I'm Jewish."). They first appeared in "Bart the General". appropriate for the time period. [32] In "Whiskey Business", Murphy appears as a hologram, causing an exasperated Lisa to protest against his record label's shameless use of his image for various commercials. The show is a huge hit that ruins Krusty's career, but Bart then ruins Gabbo's future by capturing him making a rude comment on TV. Since then, Ling has made several appearances on the show including as Maggie's playmate in "Rome-old and Julie-eh". Throughout the series, Wendell has been voiced by Jo Ann Harris, Pamela Hayden, Nancy Cartwright, and Russi Taylor. Mr. Bruce Costington, voiced by Hank Azaria,[202] is the president of Costington's Department Store. In a later episode, "Mr. Kirk previously served in the U.S. Army, and attended Gudger College. In "Lisa's Substitute", they nominate Bart as the class president. Mr. Burns' Lawyer,[33] also known as The Blue-Haired Lawyer (voiced by Dan Castellaneta),[34] is Springfield's most prominent and powerful lawyer. They are still played by the American Duffman and have his mannerisms. Her name is a play on pommel horse, she has blond hair and usually wears a whistle and takes a tough-as-nails approach to teaching. In a Treehouse of Horror episode, Dr. Hibbert discusses the possibility of Bart being a "genetic chosen one" who can cure a zombie apocalypse over the phone with the Simpsons while under siege from the aforementioned zombies. Louis "Mr. Teeny" Toot, also known as Joseph Teeny and voiced by Dan Castellaneta, is Krusty's trained chimpanzee who frequently appears on the show. Since then, she is often seen around in Springfield. In the series, Fallout Boy first appears in a 1950s Radioactive Man serial film shown at a comic book convention in the episode "Three Men and a Comic Book". He is also seen building a sand castle and sitting on Gil's lap, who was dressed as Santa Claus. In "Hurricane Neddy", he was a patient at the Calmwood Mental Hospital. [76], In the episode "Eeny Teeny Maya Moe", Abernathy reveals that she once owned a cat with Moe Szyslak after he says that there "Is a much creepier guy right next to me." She is occasionally seen in the background of various episodes, often with a toothless laugh. In the non-canonical future of "Days of Future Future", Gerald and Maggie are married. Duffman's first appearance was in the ninth-season episode "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" in 1997. Lurleen once again ends up engaged to a man who looks very much like Homer and tours as an opening act for the Dixie Chicks. [93] Out of 25, IGN named Stu the 24th top peripheral character in The Simpsons.[94]. According to "They Saved Lisa's Brain", he might be diabetic, while according to "The Dad Who Knew Too Little" he might be severely schizophrenic. [103] Duffman's thrusts were first acted out by Brad Bird. Castellaneta lifted his voice for the character from actor Richard Crenna's as Walter Denton in the sitcom Our Miss Brooks. and "Excelsior!" He has also suffered many non-fatal accidents such as getting hit in the groin by a football during his indie film and crashing his car into the Planet Hype restaurant. The movie was never completed due to budget overruns caused by constant price-gouging by Springfield vendors, and Milhouse snapping from the pressure of the role, and refusing to continue to portray Fallout Boy. He frequently appears on infomercials, pitching all sorts of bizarre medical offers or endorsing dubious devices, and often turns his operations into TV spectacles. [70] She touts herself as being "number one on the West Side", although she also works on the East Side. He first appeared in the school bus when Kearney was mentioning his divorce. Benjamin carries a calculator on his belt, Doug is overweight and wears a pocket protector, and Gary wears horn-rimmed glasses and uses ear medicine. He is a sixth-grader and is often seen hanging out with Dolph, Kearney, and sometimes Nelson. Skinner then replies to which Chalmers tells him in a frightened voice, "Don't ever scare me like that again.". Homer considers Lenny to be the second richest man he knows. He first appeared in the first season episode "There's No Disgrace Like Home". Blinky is a three-eyed orange fish featured primarily in "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish". Hyman Krustofsky was the father of Krusty the Clown who first appeared in the third season episode "Like Father, Like Clown". In the DVD commentaries to "22 Short Films About Springfield" and "Grade School Confidential", it is noted that Superintendent Chalmers seems to be one of the few "normal" characters on the show and is frequently alone in his awareness of the show's zaniness (much like one-shot character Frank Grimes from "Homer's Enemy"). He explains about his life, family, and work to her, as well as giving her advice for her upcoming school performance, giving her his saxophone. Birchibald "Birch" T. Barlow (voiced by Harry Shearer in "Sideshow Bob Roberts" and by Maurice LaMarche in "You Kent Always Say What You Want") is a conservative talk show host on the radio station KBBL, who in voice and appearance is modeled after Rush Limbaugh. I will eventually make a 3rd one. [191] He has an IQ of 216 (which was thought to be Bart's IQ). He was first seen in "Selma's Choice". Luigi Risotto, voiced by Hank Azaria,[34] is the proprietor of Luigi's, a Springfield Italian restaurant. When Cookie Kwan presented a baby that she claimed was Quimby's, the mayor passed it off to one of the bodyguards and tells him to raise the child as his own. [141] He later married Tada, and has an affair with Duffman. Nelson's mother was fully introduced in "Sleeping with the Enemy", after years of being mentioned. Team Member / SNPP Supervisor / Sand Movie Narrator / Santa Claus Manager / Santa Claus Teacher / Scarf-ables Sales Rep / Scientist / Scratchy Jr. / Sea Lion Film Narrator / Sec Agent 2 / Second Director / Security Man #1 / Security Man #2 / Senate Leader / Senator Whinergirl / Sexual Harassment Instructor / Shady Officer / Shakespeare Announcer / Sheep / Shelbyville DJ / Shelbyville Grampa / Shelbyvillian #1 / Sheldon Skinner / Sherpa #1 / Shredder Stevens / Singer / Singing Waiters / Sketch Artist / Ski Instructor / Ski-lift Operator / Smilin' Joe Fission / Smithero / Sneed / Snorky / Soldier #2 / Soldier #3 / Soren / Spanish stadium announcer / Speaker of the House / Sperm Bank Employee / Spike Lee / Spirit #5 / Spiro / Sports Commentator / Springfield Retirement Castle Employee / St. Peter / Stadium Guard / Stadium announcer / Stage Manager / Star Trek Announcer / State Trooper / Station Announcer / Station Manager / Steel Drum Player / Steve / Steward / Stoner in Audience / Store Clerk / Studio Exec #1 / Suicycle Announcer / Surgeon / Surley Joe / Surveillance Man #2 / T-Shirts Clerk / TV Advertisment Voice / TV Anchorman / TV Annoncer / TV Announcers / TV Commercial Voice / TV Professor / TV Voice #2 / TV Voice-Over / TV Warning / Taffy Shop Owner / Talking dog / Tattoo Artist / Tattoo Guy / Technician / Technician #2 / Ted / Ted Carpenter / Teller / Tennis Commentator / Tentacle / Terrence / The Big Bopper / The Headless Breakman / The House / Therapist / Thief / Things Unnecessary Worker / Thomas Edison / Thou$and Dollar Movie Announcer / Thousand Dollar Movie Announcer / Tic-Tac-Toe Narrator / Tiny Man / Toad-Man / Tobacco Lobby Representative / Todd Linux / Tom / Tony Awards Announcer / Total Disaster Insurance Man / Tough Bartender / Tour Guide #2 / Tow Truck Driver #3 / Track Announcer / Traffic Reporter / Trailer Announcer / Train / Train Conductor / Train Driver / Trapezoid Scheme Spokesman / Truck Driver / Trucker #1 / Trucker #3 / Tuxedo Man / U.S. Border Guard #2 / U.S. Constitution / Umpire / United States Representative / Usher #2 / Vampires / Various Indian Men / Various Students / Vast Waistband Clerk / Veterinarian / ViagraGaine Disclaimer Voice / Video Announcer / Video Game Voice / Video Narrator #1 / Video Rental Clerk / Vin Scully / Virgil / Voice in Homer's Noble Prize Image / Voice in Monroe ad / Voice of Doggie Heaven / Vulture / WKOMA DJ / WOMB DJ / Wade / Wagon Wheel Maker / Walk of Fame Curator / Walter Cronkite / Warehouse Clerk #1 / Warrior #1 / Watson / Waylon Smithers Sr. / Weight Gain Store Clerk / Whiner #3 / Wig Shop Owner / Wild Beast #2 / Willie's Dad / Wind Power Man / Wino Executive / Wolfguy Jack / Wolfus Rein / Women's Bodybuilding Finals Emcee / Woodrow / Worker #1 / Worker #2 / World Series Announcer / World Trade Center Worker #1 / Wrestling Emcee / Writer #2 / Wrongly Committed Hotline Voice / X-Ray Inspector / YMCA Man / Yiddle's Clerk / Yuppie at Moe's / Zombie Groans / Zookeeper / iPod from Future, Harry Shearer on His New Christmas Special, Trump Album, and State of ‘The Simpsons,’ Spinal Tap and the Union, Harry Shearer Remembers David Lander: ‘The Most Masterful Person’, Review: "A Mighty Wind" (2003) Starring Christopher Guest And Eugene Levy; Warner Archive Blu-ray Special Edition, They're Back: Television Spin-offs We Love, Full List of "Saturday Night Live" Cast Members, Cesur Civciv StarCraft (Chicken Little StarCraft) Film Serisi, Sodor The Modern Years. When Artie tries to grope her in his car, Marge rejects him and drives off, encountering Homer on her way home. After being thrown out of his village, Bob swore a vendetta against the Simpsons, which Francesca encouraged, saying they brought dishonor to the whole family. Sanjay can also be seen in the season nine episode "Dumbbell Indemnity" on a sign outside "Stu's Disco" that reads, "You Must Be This Swarthy To Enter". Throughout the episode, Grimes's professionalism is repeatedly contrasted with Homer Simpson's idiocy, gluttony, and laziness, making Grimes increasingly frustrated and angry with Homer. When corrected, Bart replies, "Just tell Wendell I said Bye. [10] However, this would contradict the earlier episode when it is revealed that Seymour is not her birth son. His appearance and mannerisms are similar to those of Bing Crosby. He fought crime alongside the Komedian (Krusty the Clown), Betty Firecrocker (Jacqueline Bouvier), and the original Pie Man (Abraham Simpson). Sophie Krustofsky is the illegitimate daughter of Krusty and a Gulf War veteran who debuts in Insane Clown Poppy when she meets her father for the first time and though he loses her trust by gambling away her violin, both Krusty and Homer work together to get it back. He is a member of the school band, as seen in "The PTA Disbands". [43] More recently, Brandine is shown fighting in the Iraq War. Although she succeeds in getting a baby from the adoption agency in Beijing, it is later discovered that her marriage to Homer is fake and Ling gets taken away from her. She returns in "I'm Goin' to Praiseland". She is also seen in "The Blue and the Gray" flirting (and swapping animals) with another mentally ill person carrying dogs, who has been affectionately nicknamed 'Crazy Dog Man'. His tombstone appears in "Alone Again, Natura-Diddily" and was also kicked by Homer in "My Mother the Carjacker". Kumiko and Comic Book Guy get married in the Android's Dungeon.

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